Veterinary AFAST

Small Animal Point of Care Emergency Ultrasound 


Instructors: Dr. Soren Boysen and Dr. Serge Chaloub

Level: Introctory/Novice


This course will combine didactic and hands on training. Didactic sessions will include the evolution, indications,
tips and tricks of how to perform, and case based applications of emergency point of care ultrasound used in
small animals including, AFAST (abdominal fluid), TFAST (pericardial effusion, pleural effusion, pneumothorax), VetBlue (B lines and other peripheral lung pathology), and estimation of volume status (subjective cardiac contractility and caudal vena cava assessment) during resuscitation: all scans any general practition can perform!  Hands on training using live animals, cadavers and phantom models will be used to teach normal landmarks and findings,pathology and ultrasound guided centesis/catheter placement tequniques.

Highlights of learning objectives for this course include:

  • Prinicples of interpretation
  • AFAST: Evolution and pitfalls
  • Gall bladder halo and volume estimation
  • Hands-on AFAST technique normal anatomy
  • CVC index, ultrasound guided phantom IV
  • TFAST/Vet BLUE: Evolution, technique and pitfalls: pleural disease and lung ultrasound
  • TFAST/VetBlue interactive cases: lung and pleural space pathology
  • TFAST interactive cases: pericardial and basic cardiac assessment
  • Hands-on pathology for pleuralspace and BLines
    -Not the complete lesson plan-

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Location: Kamloops, British Columbia

Who should take this course?  This course is designed for novice to intermediate general veterinary practioners and ER vets looking to expand the application of emergency ultrasound in their practice.