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About Family Medicine Ultrasound:

“Welcome to the EDE”

Founded in 2001, the ED Echo (Emergency Department ECHO) course has been taught to over 10,000 Canadian physicians and healthcare professionals.  Using a simplistic structure that brings hands-on ultrasound scanning to the student, the EDE lends its success to both making diagnostic imaging education available across the country and implementing a dynamic approach to medical training that is engaging to the user.

miEducation is pleased to offer the latest program created in the EDE structure:

Family Medicine Ultrasound

Office-based diagnostic imaging for the family practitioner is becoming increasingly important as we look for ways to maximize the level of patient care and improve efficiency in the Canadian healthcare system.  The aim of the Family Medicine EDE is to enhance the physical exam by being able to detect AAA’s, ascites, early pregnancies and pleural effusions without compromising the comfort of the patient.

Students will appreciate the fast pace at which this course is taught.  The online, didactic portion is extremely convenient for a physician’s busy schedule.  Learn on your own time!  The hands-on scanning portion is taught in your clinic or health care institution: The EDE comes to you!  We bring instructors and all the necessary equipment, including ultrasound machines and patient/models.  We even take of the food for the duration of the course.  This unique structure ensures students get maximum time with the ultrasound machines.

Come experience the EDE with miEducation!

3.9 cm Abdominal Aortic aneurysm- sized
Learn to quickly identify AAA’s with the Family Medicine EDE



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