Beginner Veterinary Ultrasound Workshop (for RVT’s)

Veterinary Bootcamp for Techs! 

Course Duration: 1 day Workshop and Wet Lab

User Level: Beginner


About the Course:


When the ultrasound beam interacts with tissue it can react in a variety of ways. These interactions can also cause artifacts. These artifacts can either be beneficial or detrimental to the image. Recognizing and appreciating these interactions will be discussed in the lecture as well as learning how to recognize artifacts.

All ultrasound machines possess the same knobology and it is important to learn these in order to optimize the quality of your image. It is also important to learn the terminology used in ultrasound.

How to scan all organs within the abdomen will be discussed and normal vs abnormal findings will be observed via a slide show. Some abdominal appearances are characteristic of certain diseases and these also will be observed and discussed.

Case studies will be presented of common ultrasound findings that may be seen in the small animal veterinary practice. There will also be some less common, but extremely interesting, cases presented that show abdominal organ changes ultrasonographically.

After the lecture we will take a short break and then proceed to the wet lab. Dogs and cats will be sedated and full abdominal scans will be performed by all participants.

Scanning notes will be provided

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